Graduations Party Catering and Events

Graduation Celebrations!

Graduation is a terrific time to celebrate the accomplishments of a child or loved one — marking a transition in their life and potentially a last time to enjoy the day to day companionship of the friends who they have had in their classes, in their study groups, on their sports teams, in their bands/orchestras, and in their plays.

Our graduation offerings focus on food that enables spontaneous conversation and free-flowing events — Appetizers, BBQ, and stations that let people come and go, join large conversations or break off into smaller groups. We can offer passed service or displays from our a la carte menus that can withstand teenage appetites while satisfying adult palates.

Where are You Throwing Your Graduation Party?

We love doing casual celebrations in the backyard if your home is set up for entertaining, Kitty Is Here Creative Catering and Event Producer, can also help you find a great venue for catering your graduation, Party Room, Night Club, and others.