Backyard Wedding

A Backyard Wedding/ Reception is a beautiful approach to a wedding day!

We love backyard weddings in the garden…our owners got married in her mother’s backyard and that was a wonderfully intimate way to connect with family and friends!


We offer a catering team experienced in backyard wedding receptions and can help you to make sure that all the details are done right!                                           


We’re happy to help you put your wedding together and can help as much or as little as makes sense for you. We specialize in custom couture weddings and can offer a range of planning and catering services including:


Venue selection: 


If you love the idea of a backyard wedding but don’t have a suitable home, we’d be thrilled to identify one for you.     


Planning and Rentals: 


We are thrilled to work with your (organized) planner or can provide planning services as well. We can offer anything from full custom wedding design to rentals to day-of-coordination and menu design.





We are a creative catering company focused on providing a range of services appropriate to your wedding vision and budget. We offer a few different catering options:


  • Platters: For smaller weddings and those with tighter budgets, our platters line offers an a la carte selection of beautiful appetizers and cocktail party food that can make a wedding feel special without the price tag of full service wedding catering
  • Custom Wedding Menus/ Full Service Wedding Catering: We can offer a full range of wedding menus appropriate to the backyard wedding. Details can vary substantially based on your need for a kitchen setup, access points for electricity, use of a tent, backyard layout, and weather and terrain.


Things to think about for a backyard wedding:


  • Weather: While Miami-Broward offers sunny skies most of the year, weather is still a factor in backyard weddings.


Is your backyard an inviting space in hot and cold temperature ranges? What is your approach if it rains?


  • Indoor/ Outdoor: Do you want guests to stay outdoors the entire time or will you also be utilizing an indoor section of the house?


  • Power: How will you power the required elements? Do you have sufficient power access and plugs onsite to get the appropriate voltage to the different components (especially important if music needs power and kitchen and lighting are outside)


  • Bathrooms: Will the home provide sufficient restroom facilities? Will a portable restroom be helpful to reduce foot traffic and lines?


  • Kitchen: Will the home provide sufficient kitchen facilities? Will a portable kitchen setup need to be built? If so, what menu modifications can be made to reduce unnecessary expense?


We’ve catered a number of outdoor events and know what to look for and how to prepare so that your wedding day is a calm, smooth one with no surprises. Let us know how we can help!